With the new norm being virtual and words like pivoting becoming a daily occurrence, we are excited to bring you our version of the new norm! WNYG have partnered with trusted suppliers in both Melbourne & Sydney to bring your event calendar to life. 

The messaging, the employee recognition, the awards, the overall engagement between your company and your employees are now more important than ever. With the restrictions in place and very likely to continue for the majority of 2020 for the event industry, we can’t sit back and continue to put the milestone events on hold.
We are confident in delivering your events in your company building / warehouse or in a purpose built studio, with the start of the art equipment. Our team have always had the ability to assist with content creation and producing this is in animation.  More than ever, this is the way to present your information and strategy.  We have a number of options for you, remember just putting this on Zoom isn’t enough… It’s vital to still engage an MC, have areas of Entertainment, Styling and of course onsite management and education.