Venue Sourcing

Whether you are planning an intimate gathering or a multi-day conference, locating the perfect venue can be a time consuming and a labor-intensive job. Making sure the planning, organisation and hosting are taken care of can leave any person exhausted. Thankfully, we are here to take the load off your shoulders and let you have a chance to breathe.  Better yet, all this is completely complimentary to you. Our Event – Venue Sourcing services.


Our team of professionals at WNYG are well-seasoned and trained in locating the perfect venue. Using a cookie-cutter method to match the perfect location rarely works out. There are always other factors that are disregarded when using online venue matchmakers. We offer a more personal, consultative style of approach, ensuring regular communication is maintained and every aspect of your event is planned to perfection. From the moment that you make your initial inquiry, you can rest assured your event is going to surpass your guest’s expectations! .


Can’t get enough of us after our venue sourcing? Make use of our complete event management services and lets us manage every aspect with you.

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