EVERY element WITHIN our events IS GIVEN CAREFUL considerATION, adherING to our sustainability values, WHILST maintaining the higH LEVEL of quality FROM WNYG.

WNYG have been striving to reduce emissions and can officially advise that we’re very proud to be one of the very few event management companies in Australia to be taking a holistic approach to sustainability. 

Here at WNYG we have engaged and contracted a management company that specializes in sustainability, carbon & energy. In doing so, we have been measuring our carbon footprint and how best we can reduce this, we identified that as a company we had many different sources of energy being utilized – internally and externally to our office.


Once detected, the implementation process started and with a shift in our day to day working lives along with an ongoing investment in carbon offset projects, we’re achieving net zero emissions. 


From becoming a sustainable event company to executing sustainable events. This is an area that we are truly passionate about, an area that requires more focus and we’re proud to have delivered a number of sustainable focused events.  There are many sources of emissions that can be easily reduced and we have listed above areas that you should consider. Executing a ZERO emissions event is possible, chat to the team about how we can manage this for you.  We all have a responsibility to our environment, allow our team to make the difference.

  • Location Matters

  • Know Your Impact

  • Make A Plan

  • Consult Suppliers Prior to Contracting

  • Waste Management Plan

  • Keep It Simple And Work Back