Whether you’re planning a corporate meeting or searching for the perfect location for your wedding, there’s no other place that you can find higher quality service than the whole nine yards group (WNYG). Venue sourcing seems like an easy task, but it does require sacrificing time and money. Even with the many events planning technology that is being produced each day, many event planners find themselves stumped on locating the best venues for their clients. WNYG are the place that can assist you by providing everything you need for your event.

Discover all the unique and flexible venues that we can provide for you. With a wide selection of captivating services, all of your corporate functions and events are well taken care of. WNYG sourcing’s convenient locations make it the best choices for your next event. If you’re looking to soak up in a gothic atmosphere of a 18th century wine cellar, take a cruise around the waterways of the inner city on board of the Sydney Harbor Ferry, or just have a drink with the scenic views of the bay, river or Albert Park Lake, our locations are sure to satisfy all your preferences.

Reasons to Use Venue Sourcing

When your time is in a pinch and you need to satisfy your guests, finding the best place is crucial to the occasion. Performing a quick “Google” search can bury you with conflicting opinions on where the best place to hold your event will be. Having a solid assurance on another person’s word is not easy, especially if the venue that you find has been booked for months on end. Using a professional agency such as WNYG will help you in more ways than just find a venue for your event.

First, we’ll help you find the right venue, at the right location and at the right price that matches your budget. We’ll be able to work with any corporation as well as manage the event and team-building. The staff that you’ll be working with are well-educated and have years of experience in this field, meaning that you’ll receive higher value solutions that you won’t find anywhere else.

The most important point for hiring a venue sourcing agency is time. Time is of the essence, and to get you back on schedule, you shouldn’t have to spend hours discussing your venue requirements. At WNYG, our team will be able to work with you within a short time span, and make sure that all of the details that you require are noted and applied when planning the venue – the first time around.

The first impression is very important in any business, and making sure that your guests for your wedding or corporate venue are delighted is what we at the WNYG strives to do. With a pleased audience, you’ll receive a large return on your investment.
Using a professional agency for all of your venue planning is a great way to save time and receive top quality at the same time.


Recognized as one of Australia’s leading event specialists, the team have a long standing network that is available to be used to bring innovative, cost-effective solutions to any venue event. Every event that is planned by WNYG has been seeing as inspiring and worth visiting.

The team have worked with hundreds of quality venues all across Australia and internationally. Partnering with different locations and businesses, WNYG a long list of facilities that are unparalleled, including Mural Hall, Pentridge Prison, Sketch, The Melbourne Pavilion, and The Park to name a few. Finding the right venue is something that we know a thing or two about.

What WNYG Experts Have to Offer

Our team of professionals at WNYG are well-seasoned and trained in locating the perfect venue. Using a cookie-cutter method to match the perfect location rarely works out. There are always other factors that are disregarded when using online venue matchmakers. WNYG offers a more personal, consultative style of approach. By doing so, we are able to maintain regular contact with you to make sure that your event is planned well and everything is smooth sailing from start to finish. From the moment that you make your initial inquiry, we’ll be able to work with you all the way through. At the day of the event, we’ll also make ourselves present in case you need further assistance.

What to Expect from WNYG

There are many levels of agreement that are used with sourcing venues in Australia to make sure that they are consistently exceeding your expectations and making sure that all mandates and procurement processes are done diligently. From the moment that you send your initial inquiry, you’ll receive a response in less than a few working hours.

Once WNYG have collected the full event debriefing, we’ll confirm all the details back to you for accuracy. With our wide selection of venues, we’ll provide a list of locations that best fit your brief and also negotiate the rates. Without overburdening you with a long list of locations, we’ll keep it minimal by producing a full proposal and discussing with you what options are the best for you as well as take into account your feedback and contribution.

Once we have settled on the location and finances, we’ll arrange the site inspections and accompany you in each place. We can also re-negotiate the rates and the conditions stated on the contract if need be.

Locating the perfect venue is a time consuming and labour intensive job. Making sure that the planning, organization and hosting are taken care of can leave any person exhausted. This is the reason why professional venue sourcing agencies, such as ours, are here to take the load off of your shoulders and let you have a chance to breathe. Get in contact with the WNYG team and make us a part of your team today.